Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Pilling / nodule formation

Pillings are small fibrous nodules that usually appear on the surface of the tissue. They are not a flaw or quality defect, but merely a natural 
consequence of the tissue stress, in particular friction. Almost all textile surfaces can form pills over time.

Pillings are formed when individual fibers are leached out of the fabric and set up on the surface. By further stress (friction), these fibers can knot 
in and with each other. These nodes gradually become larger until they are visible as pilling. They can remain on the textile or, if desired, be removed. 
For this we recommend a lint or pilling shaver. This gently removes the nodules without injuring the textile.

However, we advise not to treat the tissues too fast and often with a razor, as the material is gradually removed from the fibers.

Excessive cleaning may thin the fabric and damage it. We do not guarantee for damages of this kind.

Silk bedding, clothing & accessories

Please wash all items made of silk separately and turned inside out if possible. Use the wash cycle setup for delicates at 30 degrees
Celsius with special silk or wool detergent (see recommended brand). Do not add further load. Please note that silk and silk blends are
not fit for the dryer and rotary iron. If they are hung to dry outside, items made of silk should not be placed in direct sunlight. They can
be ironed slightly moist at 110 degrees Celsius.

- Never spray perfume or deodorant onto silk
- Never wash silk with bleach
- Do not sprinkle silk with water when ironing
- Never remove single stains with water
- Iron the silk inside out
- Never wring silk

Plauener Seidenweberei recommends the use of tenestar as detergent for silk.

Down comforters & quilts and plaids & pillows with alpaca

Please allow these products to be dry-cleaned only chemically, as otherwise the properties of the fabric as well as its applications and or 
fillings (such as down or alpaca wool) are impaired or even destroyed.

We strongly recommend the use of the silk detergent "TENESTAR" because our silk bed linen is the most compatible!
Please always check the ingredients of other detergents, even if these are tendered for wool and fine are contained in some 
substances that have been proven to damage our silk fabrics very strong! We also like to give you more information personally!