Here you will find patterned, as well as unpatterned tissue remnants which were created during the order production.

These fabrics are available at a price of 50.00 € / kg (pure silk) and 30.00 € / kg (silk blends)

It was always the actual usable area measured, so it may happen that the pieces are oblique sections, which are not included in the dimensions!

These are colored fabrics, you get yarn dyer or piece dyer.

Yarn Dye - dyed yarn, then interweave the yarn (turning effect)
Stückfärber - first woven, and then completely dyed (more intense color depth)

Silk in colored facets!

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SWC - silk detergent by tenestar 100ml

9.99 *
1 l = 99.90 €

SWC - silk detergent by tenestar 240ml

12.00 *
1 l = 50.00 €
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery